Fuel Management Software - GIR 4100

Highly-professional fuel management equipment and software for your business.
GIR has all the flexibility and features you need to get your in-house fuel distribution under control.

  • Fleet and drivers management.
  • Precision delivery monitoring with transaction log.
  • Reporting by driver, vehicle, product, site, ...
  • Tank level monitoring (theoretical, but also live one with electronic gauges).
  • Communication with terminals can be achieved through USB stick, hardwire, Ethernet, wireless, cellular, ...
  • Supervision and remote control of terminals.
  • Handle one or many terminals, one or many products (Unleaded, Super, Diesel, ...)
  • E-mail notification in case of problem. (low tank level, link failure, ...)
  • Vehicles maintenance schedule (oil change, preventive maintenance, ...)
  • Flexible way of working : vehicle id only, vehicle and driver, code or badge, ...
  • Automated import of on-the-road refueling data.
  • Door or gate access control management.
  • Real-time communication with terminals (2500 transactions autonomy in case of link failure).
  • Flexibility with web-based software, accessible from any point of the network.
  • Up to 3000 vehicles and 3000 drivers.
  • Available as web hosted software (SaaS) or classic local installation on your computer.
  • Software Type - Full Web
  • Server (Windows Version) - NT4, 2000, 2003, Vista, 2008, 7
  • Server (Linux version) - Kernel 2.2., 2.4, 2.6
  • Server - 250 Mo HDD, 50 Mo RAM
  • Clients - Web Browser (Firefox, MS Internet Explorer, Chrome, etc)
  • TIP/GCA terminal

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